Craig Reacts | Record of A Spaceborn Few | Becky Chambers

As you should all know, I absolutely loved Becky Chamber’s debut novel The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. Today her third book Record of a Spaceborn Few in the Wayfarers trilogy was announced by Hodder. So this announcement was a welcome addition to my twitter timeline.

I have yet to read her second novel A Closed and Common Orbit, mainly because I was waiting for it come out in paperback, which I also found happened today so it’s like Christmas day has come early! No doubt I will be popping down to the bookstore soon and picking that up.

I’m excited to delve back into Chamber’s universe, I haven’t read anything like it before. One of my favourite things about the first novel, was that the aliens felt like actual aliens. As well as populating the novel with characters who are just out to do a job, not save the world from an impending doom. Everyday science fiction characters, who each have such a unique view of the universe they inhabit.

Count this book on my to-read list!


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