Craig Reviews | Books I’ve Read This Year | 1

I thought I’d keep you updated on what I’ve read this year (and it handily ties into my reading challenge (and doubles up as motivation to post regularly here))! I’m three books deep into my reading challenge, lets take a look at what they are!



Book #1: Head Lopper – Andrew Maclean

Head Lopper follows Norgal, Viking warrior and the severely annoying severed head of Agatha the Blue Witch. This graphic novel is stylish, full of action and is one of the best collected first volumes of any series I’ve read. I loved the art, the colours and the way everything was presented. This is some top notch adventuring, with so many bad guys losing their heads, it is hard to put down. One of my favourite panels is below.


Book #2: Kolymsky Heights – Lionel Davidson


As Philip Pullman says on the pull quote “The best thriller I’ve ever read.” This novel was a slow burning whirlwind of intrigue and espionage. Set deep within Siberia, in a secret Russian research station (that is so secret it doesn’t exist), where if you get a job here you won’t leave unless you’re dead. And as the blurb says “one scientist is desperate to get a message to the outside world. So desperate, he sends a plea across the wildness to the West in order to summon the one man alive capable of achieving the impossible…”

If that doesn’t scream “this should be made into a movie, oh god why hasn’t this been made into a movie, starring Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston or some plucky British actor” then I don’t know what does. It starts off slow but by the end, boy does it deliver. A bonus though, you learn way too much about Soviet era trucks, incase you ever felt the need to build one from scratch you should totally read this book.


Book #3: Sorry Please Thank You – Charles Yu

This is a fantastic collection of short stories, that kept me turning the pages until I realised I finished the book. Charles Yu analyses and critics aspects of our culture, technology and throws in stories set in a D&D campaign where the hero doesn’t feel like a hero and is ready to give up before his last major battle. Might be a bit tricky to pick a copy up, but I do recommend giving it a shot. Well written, funny and just a great way of getting you to think differently about the world around you.


That’s it for now. I’m currently working my way through Hive Monkey by Gareth Powell and shall update you when I’ve read a few more books!

Thanks for reading!





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