Reading Challenge 2017

Last year I set myself a goal of reading 50 books. 50 books! Thats a lot. I worked out that it’s about 4 and a bit books a month. Do-able right? Not quite. This year I set myself a goal of 25 books.

50 books seems reasonable, and quite a loftY goal without being ridiculous. Its not like I was planning on reading 150 books in a year. THAT would be insane. I thought to myself, Craig you’ll get there, surely you’ve read 50 books in a year before? Maybe I have, I never counted really. I started off the year quite well, reading a handful of books in the first couple of months. I had the cunning tactic of reading two books at the same time, surely doubling up would mean I’d smash the goal in only a few months?! It worked for a while, I had a “work” book that I read on my train commute and lunch break, and I had a “home” book for when I read in bed or when I was bored. Alas, my home book got neglected as I spent way too much distracting myself with other things (mainly video games). My work book was the one I concentrated on more. Eventually I moved my home book to my work book and I stayed reading one book at a time.

The grand total of books read in 2016 was around 28. I was happy with that, but to my eyes (and mostly Goodreads) I failed my reading challenge. Now to me, as long as I’m reading at whatever pace, I am happy. I am sad that I don’t read as much as I did when I was younger (where it felt like I was going through books in days). The only time I read now is whenever I’m travelling. It’s the perfect time for you to escape into another world, and fully concentrate on the book in your hands.

I’m already 2 deep into my reading challenge this year. 25 books may not seem a lot to some people, but that doesn’t matter. As long as I keep reading and I hit that goal, then I know I’ll have achieved a little personal goal.

Thanks for reading!



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